Sunday October 23st

Second Annual Wild West Zombie Fest

October 23rd 2022, WNPL will be hosting our Second Annual Wild West Zombie Fest at our Zombie Exterminator testing facility. The WW Zombie Fest is our annual Sponsor Appreciation Match.

6 fast and furious 30 to 50 round stages where you will test your abilities to engage and destroy the coming Zombie Apocalypse!!!

    Zombie Stage Previews

    • This is a Time-Plus Points match. A real Zombie Hose Fest!
    • WW Zombie Fest 22' Flyer, Divisions and Scoring
    • Five 1-Gun divisions: Open, Ltd, Carry Optics Cali-10 & PCC.
    • Six 2-Gun divisions: 3 Rifle/Pistol & 3 PCC/Pistol divisions.
    • No magazine limits except for those poor Kali-10 folks.
    • Pistol and PCC calibers: 9mm thru 45 ACP
    • Rifle calibers: 5.45x39, 5.56x45, 7.62x39, 7.62x51, etc.
    • No M855 or similar steel core ammo is allowed.
    • Awards for Z-Divisions, Z-Categories and Z-Best Costumes!!!
    • Zombie Fest 22' is limited to 66 shooters so register soon!!!
    Match Fee
  • Shoot 1 day only
    • $30 WNPL Club Member
    • $40 non-member
    • Juniors - $20 discount

  • Questions? Contact Angel Bautista at WNPL@ATT.NET